$0.00 for 2 weeks and a $1.00 sign-up fee

Why does it cost $1

The $1 trial serves two purposes…

First and foremost, it’s an affordable way for traders to evaluate our program and experience the membership benefits first-hand.

Secondly, its an effective way to maintain the integrity of our incredible community. Our goal is to create a global network of like-minded traders who are serious about what they do, by requiring a payment (even as little as $1) we can ensure that you are who you say you are, and it helps us prevent the trolls, haters, and naysayers from polluting our community.

Is this one of those secret subscription/auto bill scams?

Don’t worry, there’s nothing hiding in the fine print. The trial membership is a one-time payment, clear and simple. There are no contracts, hidden fees, secret up-sells, or forced auto-renewals. If you decide to continue after your trial has ended you will be required to submit a new order for the membership plan of your choosing.

Does the trial include trading or course videos?

Yes. This trial period is an ALL-ACCESS-PASS to the Motrendtum Traders Academy. In addition to The Market Update video’s we publish every week, the trial membership also includes access to 4 of our Trader Metamorphosis Program Modules which was created specifically to transform aspiring traders into profitable traders within 90 Days.

*Premium Modules are available with a “Monthly” or “All-In” Membership.

Can I access the live trading room?

Absolutely, your trial includes access to our live trading room and we encourage you to check it out during your trial period.

What does my All-Access Pass Include?

All-Access-Pass For 14 Days
Test Drive Our Platform Before Committing
Find Out If Trading Is Right For You
1 on 1 Coaching & Traders Assessment
15+ Hours of Educational Courses
Access Our Live Trading Room & Webinars
Weekly Market Updates
Trade Alerts & Live Portfolio Access

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